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2020 National Mother Daughter Empower Conference Ticket

Join us on Sunday May 3rd 2020 for The National Mother Daughter conference!  An unforgettable day packed with valuable tools that will empower your mother-daughter relationship. Unite and get inspired by our power positive, celebrity keynote speakers and interactive programing! Giveaways, scholarship awards, swag bags, shopping and so much more! You and your daughter will be sure to leave feeling celebrated and empowered by this one of a kind event!

(Designed for mothers and girls ages 7-14)

A “Mother figure” isn’t always the person who gave us life, sometimes it’s a Grandma, Auntie, foster parent, teacher or stepmom, all types of “Moms” are welcomed to our events!

2020 Mother Daughter Empower National Conference Vendor Ticket

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