Meet the Founder & CEO

Tara Filteau is the Founder and CEO of Mother Daughter Empower. She is a wife and a mother of 3. Tara is passionate about community and takes pride in giving back, she volunteers for parent council at her children’s school, serves on her local library board and is a self-proclaimed, Parent & Community Advocate. As a teenager and into her early 20’s Tara’s passion for music lead her to launch an album and tour the east coast. After completing her studies in communications and giving birth to her first child, Tara maintained a successful career in the non-for-profit and fundraising sectors. For the past 15 years, Tara has managed events as well as community outreach and fundraising campaigns for some of Canada’s largest corporations and non-for-profit organizations. In 2018, Tara’s run for municipal politics was a true testimony to throwing herself out there for what she believed in. “It’s important to practice what you preach because you want to set that example for your children” you can’t expect them to reach for their dreams and try new things if you are not willing to do so yourself.” Tara had the opportunity to bring her eldest daughter along with her to many campaign outings and events and saw how exposing her to such experiences were both empowering and shaping her daughter’s future. With an entrepreneurial spirit at heart, Tara felt that she needed to do more and in 2019, with her eldest daughter by her side, Mother Daughter Empower was born.

Tara Filteau
Sophie G

Meet the Co-Founder

Sophia. G is the Co-Founder and inspiration behind Mother Daughter Empower. She has added her stamp of approval every step of the way, from assisting with the company’s logo design to event and retreat programming! She may only be in 3rd grade but Sophia is a dedicate little leader with a very kind heart! Always eager to help, Sophia loves to volunteer on the green team at her school and assists her mom in the community! Sophia looks forward to growing mother daughter empower and empowering other girls to be who they are and become who they want to be!

Thank You Mom:

My mother always told me that I could become anything I wanted to be and I grew believing in her words. As far back as I can remember, I always felt empowered to reach for whatever it was that I wanted and looking back now, I know that having the opportunity to be raised with that sense of empowerment is what led me to accomplish all that I have. As mothers, we need to believe in ourselves and set the tone for our daughters to follow, so that they as-well can believe in themselves and become anything that they want to be. We have the opportunity to inspire, motivate and empower the next generation of young girls. Mother Daughter Empower is a Social Enterprise on a mission to empower 1 million mothers & daughters, are you ready to join the Movement? #motherdaughtermovement

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