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Young Girls & Eating Disorders

Ep #9 This week on the Mother Daughter Empower Show, we are speaking with Dimple Arora! Dimple is a certified Nutritionist and the founder of Mindful Evolution, a modern-day parenting movement aimed towards empowering parents and kids. Dimple uses mindfulness, nutrition and energy medicine to help clients feel healthier, calm and connected.

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How to teach our girls to set Boundaries

Ep #8  This week on the Mother Daughter Empowerment Show, we interviewed Jo Mazgay Goddess & founder of Generation Empowered & West Coast Souls!  We chatted about all things boundaries and how to teach our girls to set and respect them!  

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Encouragement vs Praise

Ep #7 This week on the Mother Daughter Empowerment Show we interviewed Certified Parenting Educator & Parenting Mentor Ashley Seling!  Ashley helps moms communicate with their children in a way that encourages them to listen so they can consistently feel like a great mom and raise a calm and emotionally balanced child.

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Body Image

Ep #6 This week we interviewed Farah Miltimore, Farah is a professional speaker, coach and motivator. Growing up overweight, as a young girl Farah battled with self hate but has since made a change.

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Empowering Single Moms

Ep #5 This week on The Mother Daughter Empower Show, we interviewed Jennifer Ramirez founder of Women Rise! Jennifer is an entrepreneur, blogger, author, and motivational speaker. As a single mother who struggled to make ends meet, her hardships became her motivation to have a better life.

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Achieving Success On Your Own Terms

Ep. #4  This week on The Mother-Daughter Empower Show, I interviewed former paralympic swimmer Danielle Mcleod. Danielle is a mom, coach, and motivational speaker who represented Canada at two Paralympic Games, winning a total of three gold medals, two silvers, and one bronze. She held a total of eight world records overall in her career!

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